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Welcome to our website!  Chances are, if you have sought us out, you are looking for help. We are a NON-PROFIT paranormal investigation group.  We serve the Metropolitan Atlanta area, North Georgia and parts of Tennessee.  We do NOT charge for investigations or events!  It’s our passion that allows us to pursue the paranormal field.  We do not do it for personal profit.  Our primary purpose is to help those that may be experiencing unexplained and unusual phenomenon.  We take what we do very seriously, and are here to assist people who are experiencing unusual, frightening, or seemingly unexplainable events.

When we are invited into your home or business for the purpose of an investigation, you can expect to meet a professional team who will respect both your property and your privacy, as well as understand the fact that you may be frightened and confused.  We will document and analyze all of our findings during your investigation and attempt to determine the true nature of the activity.  SPIA hopes that through scientific research and a common sense approach, we can achieve a better understanding of any possible phenomena you may be experiencing.

All findings presented to our clients and shown on our website have been painstakingly analyzed by all SPIA members, whether it is discovered during the investigation, or in the review of findings afterwards.  We make every attempt to identify and explain anything and everything we find that is questionable.  We only present to our clients what can not be explained by natural or man-made occurrences.  SPIA feels that skepticism and common sense in partnership with an open mind is essential when researching and investigating the paranormal.  All investigations are strictly confidential unless otherwise authorized.

When investigating the paranormal, we make every effort to find legitimate answers to unexplained phenomenon.  Additionally, there may be times
when all approaches are unable to fully explain paranormal events in question. In the paranormal field, not every question ends with an answer.  We will not attempt to create elaborate conclusions for unanswerable questions.  Our primary and overall goal is to help you, by seeking out the root causes for the unexplained.

Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta is on YouTube! Check out our latest video, and subscribe to our channel! More videos to come!

2 Responses to Welcome To The Website Of Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta

  1. Karen Post author

    Our good friend, Johnny Zaffis, has the best advice for getting rid of a Ouija board… (Other than sending it to him) LOL To properly dispose of one, you will need to bury it. The back yard is fine, though consecrated ground is best. Unfortunately, consecrated usually means a cemetery and that is illegal so make due with the yard. Pour holy water or salt over it before you bury it. Blessed sea salt is the best, but table salt will do in a pinch. Salt is a powerful binder of energy and will work on any possessed item. Let this know how this works for you. In the event that you do want to send your Ouija board to Johnny instead, you could send it to me and I could send it to him.

  2. Margaret

    I used to play with ouija boards with my friends. I’ve played with them several times. Just recently I had a family friend read my cup and she immediately asked what kind of darkness I had opened myself up to. My life has had many hardships and lots of “bad luck”. I recently found out that one of my friends might be practicing spells and using a ouija board that we made together. I still have one that I haven’t known how to get rid of it. I’ve used it a few times and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I’m not blaming the board for all my problems but I want to know if there is a way to get rid of it safely.

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