Note to listeners – Using headphones to listen to EVPs is recommended. Some electronic voice phenomena occur within a spectrum of sound that is difficult to hear with the human ear. This explains why most of the time, investigators do not hear the actual responses until the audio is reviewed. You can hear them through your speakers, however, they can be heard much better through headphones. Enjoy!

The following evps are labeled Lockdown 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. They were captured on a recorder that was left unattended in an attic of a guest house on a lockdown. NO ONE was in this house!! 

I Just Need To Find My Shoes Evp Lockdown 1

“I just need to find my shoes.”

He’s Not My Man! Evp Lockdown 2

This is unbelievable! Class A Evp. A black woman talking says, something and then…. “I’m not gonna touch him. He’s by me, but because I’m black, he’s not my man.”

Laughing Woman and Conversation Evp Lockdown 3

A very loud, very clear, woman laughing. This came from within the attic. It is too clear to have been coming from outside the attic. It sounds like there may be a faint conversation going on after the laugh. 

More Laughing Women Evp Lockdown 4

More very clear laughing women. 

Man Says “Hey Girls!” as women laugh Evp Lockdown 5

Man saying, “Hey girls!” and then something else that we cannot make out and then women laughing. 


Woman says “Yes” and laughs

A team member asks, “Do you watch her from these windows?” A woman is heard saying, “Yes” and then there is a laugh.

Move It!

A team member asks, “Are you mad that I’m holding it?” Another member says something, then a woman can be heard saying, “Move it.”

I Don’t Like Children

A team member asks, “Why do you want to hurt her?” A woman whispers, “I don’t like children”.

She Is Certainly

A team member asks, “Can you answer that again? Is she in danger?” A man says, “She is, certainly”. (Change in sound due to noise removal after amplifying.)

Don’t Know Why

A team member asks, “Why do you want to hurt her?” A woman says, “Don’t know why!” The evp was cut short by a camera turning on and a door opening.

Child Says “I’ve Got Your Leg”

This is a Class A EVP A team member asks, “So if you could, could you let us know if you are here?” A child very clearly and playfully says, “I’ve got your leg.” 

Found Them

Amy is talking and right when she stops, there’s a whispery type growling sound. Gina says something and child says, “Found them” right before she starts talking again.


This is a Class A EVP The team is asking if anyone there is scared of the people in the other side of the barn or if they are those people. The name “Seth” is whispered and then said VERY CLEARLY SAYS, “SETH”. 


Karen asks, “Do you mean to cause harm to us?” A voice can be heard whispering, “Harm.”

Growling In The Barn

Amy asks, “Were you hung on the property?” and a loud growl occurs. No one in the group heard it, because they didn’t say anything.

Who’s Gonna Flash

Team member says, “Flash” to take a picture and a black male voice can be heard saying, “Who’s gonna flash?” Then, almost at the end, a female can be heard saying, “The barn.”

Maybe Later

A team member says, “Roll the ball for us” and a man says, “Maybe later”.

Turning It Back On

Karen says, “Can you turn it back on?”, referring to the KII meter and a woman says, “Turning it back on”. There is also a strange thumping sound. Almost like footsteps. Karen then says, “Very good” because it lit the KII back up.

Whistling In The Laundry Room

The team is walking away from the recorder. Whistling is heard very clearly Amy cannot whistle and Bob and Gina are positive neither of them whistled.

Help Me!

Stacey asks, “Do you know the name of his daughters?” and a woman says, “Help me”.

Open Up and Come Out

This is a Class A EVP Karen and Stacey are talking about someone standing near Karen. Karen says, “Can you give her….” and then a man says, “Open up, and come out.”

I’m Anna

This is a Class A EVP This EVP was captured after Karen asked if they hung out in the basement of the house. Stacey says, “I’m flashing” (the KII going off) and then the woman says, “I’m Anna”. 

Hideous Laugh

Karen sees a black mass go through the wall. She says, “Whoa!” and a woman laughs hideously. Bob pointed out that he was “head to toe covered in goose bumps”.

“To whip the child” & “Do you see the car?”

We had just asked, “Why are you here?” in the child’s bedroom and this was our answer. Also, we’d placed a toy car on the floor hoping it would be manipulated.

“Roll a dice”
This EVP was caught in the home during a lockdown. Meaning, no one was in the home at the time this was caught.

This was caught during an EVP session after a question had been asked. It is not any of our investigators.

“10” And Clearing of Throat
An investigator had just asked and answered a question. The answer is then repeated and then there is a male clearing of the throat. There was no male on this investigation.

“Yeah ” & “Count your sheep”
This was in a child’s room. We had just asked, “Is there anyone here who would like to speak with us?”

“God, help us.”
This EVP was caught as soon as Karen’s recorder was turned on and before questions had been asked.

The following Evp’s are new, and came from an investigation conducted at a private residence:

Baby Crying/Laughing (New Evp added 3.8.2012) – This EVP of an infant or child crying was captured.  Investigators were talking and this was not heard by anyone. If it had been, it would have been noted.

I’m Trying (New Evp added 3.8.2012) – Investigator has just asked “Can you tell me how you died?” There is a faint “no” and then you hear “I’m trying”.

What Do You Mean? (New Evp Added 3.8.2012) – Investigator had asked a question a few minutes earlier. This evp was captured about a minute later. Evp says “What do you mean?” and then an investigator says “I got no”.

I’m Having A Hard Time Breathing (New Evp Added 3.8.2012) – The voice is talking at the same time as another investigator. Evp was captured saying “I’m having a hard time breathing”.

Child says “Hi” From Lisa’s House (New Evp 3.12.2012) – This evp comes from my (Michelle’s) personal collection of evp’s from my sister’s home. This evp was captured out on the porch of my sister’s house. My daughter comes out the door, and I say “Look there’s Susie”. And then you hear a small boy child say “Hi”. There were no other children around except for my daughter Susie. I left her voice in the clip to clarify her distance from me, and to compare the voices. Shortly before this evp was captured, I was complaining to my sister that something kept touching my back, and legs. One of the best evps I have ever captured.