Karen Fon’s First Paranormal Experience

When I was 8 years old, I was spending the night at my friend Leigh’s house.  I had done this many times before, but had never had an experience like I did on this cold February winter’s night.  A couple of things I should tell you about Leigh…..  She was a ballet dancer.  In her bedroom, she had an entire wall that was one huge mirror with a ballet bar going across the full length of the mirror.  Second, her house had been her Grandparents house.  Her Grandmother had moved into an assisted living home after her husband (Leigh’s Grandfather) had passed away and her and her family had moved in.
This particular night I woke up and had to use the bathroom.  I got up and “went” and went back to bed.  I laid there for a few minutes, not able to go back to sleep.  Her kitty sensing I was still awake, I guess, jumped up on me. Being the cat lover that I was and still am, I was laying there petting him for quite some time.  

Let me set the layout of the room up here…. The mirrored wall was on the adjacent wall to my right.  The door to her room was to my right on the same wall as the bed.  The mirrored wall was maybe five feet from me.  All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw something.  I turned and looked at the mirrored wall and saw an elderly man in the mirror.  He was standing in the middle, or so, of the mirrored wall.  The best I can describe him is that he was basically in black and white, but illuminated, almost glowing.  He was wearing a dark suit, white shirt and a tie.  I remember staring at him for what must have been about ten seconds.  As strange as it seems, even though as confused as to who was in the room with us, I was not afraid.  Something about him seemed almost calming and friendly.  Since it was a reflection in a mirror, I did the obvious…. I looked to the other side of the room to see who was on the opposite side of the room, even though no one had passed by me and I knew that.  No one was there.  I looked back at the mirror… and saw him…..  Looked back to the other side of the room… no one there.  Back to the mirror and he was gone.  At that point I got scared!  I HAD seen someone.  Where did he go?  Where had he come from?  How??  What??  Who??  Huh??  Needless to say, I remained awake, terrified at that point, praying for daylight!  I had never even given ghosts or a spirits a  thought at that age.  Until then!!  I had seen a full body apparition!!  Plain as day!

I knew Leigh. I knew her parents. That was not her or her parents I had seen in her room.  Ummmmm……?!?!?!?  Come to find out, her Grandfather passed away ONE WEEK before Leigh was born.  She would have been his first Grandchild.   That had been her Grandparents home.  Her Grandfather had been very sick.  Because of his illness, he had moved into that bedroom.  He passed away in what was now Leigh’s room.

Though I have wondered all these years, my opinion (and this is complete speculation) is that he could not wait to be a Grandfather! Missed seeing his first Grandchild born and came back from time to time to check on her.  Maybe nightly! Who knows!?  I just find it hard to believe that the only time he ever came to “visit her” happened to be a night when I was there.

I never told Leigh what I saw that night and I have always regretted that.  Had she seen him too?  Maybe she had not at that point and may have looked for him in the future had I told her?  Did she ever eventually see him?  All these years later, I will never know!  I still wonder! 

The strange thing about Leigh’s house is that it is in an area of Sandy Springs Georgia that is now offices, hotels, shopping centers, etc.  It’s bizarre…. All these huge buildings all around it and on each side of it, yet her house remains there.  It’s the only residential home in about a two to three block area.  I wonder why!

To this day, that experience is as fresh in my mind as yesterday is.  It took me MANY years to share that with anyone.  When I finally did, it took me many more to ever share it again after the response that I got.  My friends thought I was CRAZY when I finally did.   But, that is what set me on the “paranormal path” and the journey I am now on.  I believe some, maybe most, spirits are here for varying reasons and I want to know WHY!!!

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  1. Paul Davies

    Wow Karen, I can see why you wanted to be a Paranormal investigator now?, and everything you find?, just proves to your friends that you were telling the truth all along!

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