Video of our investigation of the Cherokee Ledger

The Cherokee Ledger waived Confidentiality and are allowing us to post our findings from our investigation.  So, I am posting highlights from the final report.  The entire report was over 60 pages long.  It would be too much to post here.

Case:  The Cherokee Ledger News
Date: October 22, 2011
Final Report Prepared By:  Karen Fon

Investigation Notes:

Local Weather:
Temperature: 41 degrees
Clear skies
Wind: North 0 mph
Humidity: 97%
Dew Point: 40 degrees
Solar Weather:
Solar Wind: Speed 298.0 km/sec.  Density 0.2 protons/cm 3
Solar Wind:
6- hr max C2
24-hr M1
Moon Phase:
Waning Crescent Moon
Distance: 57 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: -5 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 162 degrees

Team Members In Attendance:

Members:                                                 Team Role:
Karen Fon                                      Founder, Board of Trustees, Lead Investigator
Paul Fon                                         Board of Trustees, Lead Investigator, Tech Manager
Susan Gilbert                                Board Member, Investigator, Team Sensitive
Karen Brown                                 Lead Investigator, Researcher and Historian
Kali M.                                            Investigator In Training, Team Sensitive
KC M.                                              Investigator In Training, Team Sensitive
Michelle Baker (After investigation)               Audio Specialist

Equipment Used:
EMF Meters
KII Meters
Temperature Gauges
Infrared video camera
Digital cameras
Digital voice recorders
Analog audio recorder

Evidence is broken up into two distinct categories;  Scientific and Personal Experiences.  Scientific evidence is any form of activity that is caught with equipment, such as something in a photo or a sound/voice on our digital or analog recorders that we cannot disprove.  Personal experiences are experiences any investigator or sensitive had during  the investigation.

Scientific Evidence:
Scientific evidence is any form of activity that we cannot disprove or debunk that is captured with our equipment, such as an apparition or shadow captured on video/photo, unexplained voices captured with an audio recorder, unusual temperature fluctuations, or unexplained electromagnetic field readings.

Video Evidence:
We placed an infrared video camera upstairs in the empty “storage room” between the two offices.  For some reason, it shut off after about 10 minutes of recording.  Nothing was caught on video.

Photographic Evidence:
We took a number of pictures outside and inside;  none taken inside showed anything.  Many of the ones taken outside showed strange mists.  It was not seen to the naked eye.  In these photos, the mist would be seen on the screen of the digital camera immediately after the pictures were taken and we would take another picture and there would be no mist.

EMF Detector:  
Electro Magnetic Field detector.  An EMF meter is used to detect the electro magnetic energy in the atmosphere.  Ghosts/spirits are made up of energy.  Energy cannot dissipate, it moves on to becoming another energy.  Thus, in theory, if a spirit is energy, an EMF meter should pick up shifts in the electro magnetic field.  Once again, this is only theory and not fact.
Before starting the investigation we go into all the rooms to be investigated and get “baseline  readings” of those rooms.  That way, during the investigation, if there are any fluctuations or spikes, we will have something to base them on.
Nothing significant to report.

KII Meter:
An EMF detector that, rather than displaying the EMF field as a numerical read-out, quantifies the surrounding electromagnetic field as a set of lights; green light for low EMF and red for high EMF.
There were occasional hits on the KII meters, but nothing consistent in combination with questions being asked.

Audio Evidence: EVP-
Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP for short, is a disembodied voice or sound found on a digital or analog audio recorder that is not present at the time of the investigation.
There were 24 EVPs captured.  I am going to summarize them here and include the EVPs on a CD. 

(I am not posting this on the website.  Too much to include)

Personal experiences include unexplained phenomena experienced by our investigators at the time of the investigation.

NOTE – Any personal experiences an investigator has in the residence while an investigation is in progress DO NOT prove paranormal activity or a haunting.  They are the experiences of that one person and that one person only, and are used only for comparison to what the client may have experienced.

A Note Regarding Our Sensitives: When those investigators who are sensitive go into a location, they do so with no prior knowledge regarding the location’s activities, history, or the homeowners/employees.  They do not share their experiences with each other until the end of the investigation.  This allows us to validate impressions and to make sure their findings have not been influenced.


Karen Fon- Team One:

Publisher’s Office: 
Baseline readings for this room were:
Baseline Temperature: 75.1  Baseline EMF: .1
No significant spikes of either during investigation.

It was a very loud room, but Jessica and I were both next to the door and thought we may have heard noises coming from outside the door.  BUT… due to what is next door (restaurant and park) we could not be sure.

Sherry’s Office:
Baseline readings for this room were:
Baseline Temperature: 73.7  Baseline EMF: .1
Temperature during investigation: A steady 72.1.  EMF: A steady .2

Kali and I did a walk-through prior to our investigation.  We both picked up on a woman in period clothing.  She was wearing a long white dress, with brown hair up in a large loose bun, hands folded at her waist in front of her.  She was standing by the bay window, but also walked around in the room.  There was a very distinct smell of pipe smoke.  There is a very “homey” feeling in this room.  Very family oriented.  But, this woman also seemed sad at times, as if she was longing for something.

During our investigation, while sitting in Sherry’s office, I noticed what seemed to be two shadows walk in front of the window in the room across the hall in the advertising office.  I walked in there hoping to “debunk” it as cars going by.  I got up and went into that room.   Cars going by would not have cast the shadows that I had seen blocking out the light of the window.

At one point, Kali and I both saw white skirts going by the door;  not necessarily a “whole person”, but white skirts.  I walked out into the hall and felt as though someone was watching me from the top of the stairs.  (While I have been investigating for quite some time now, I am still very new to my “gift” and wanted validation as to what I was seeing.)  So, I called Kali out there.  I didn’t say anything to her, but waited for what she would say she saw at the top of the stairs.   We both saw  the same woman we’d seen in Sherry’s office… A woman in a white dress and big brown hair in a bun.  She had a little girl with her  of African American decent with pigtails;  semi-hiding behind the woman’s skirt;  like she was peeking out from behind her.

At one point in Sherry’s office, the curtains seemed to be moving.  There were no air vents that could have been moving them.  When we addressed it, they abruptly stopped moving.

Advertising Office:
Baseline Readings for this room were:
EMF spikes with Team One of up to .3
Sudden temperature drop from 73.2 to 71.1.
During our walk-through, I had the distinct impression this used to be Dr. Dean’s medical office.   I felt as though this used to be his exam room.  I could see the old setup of the room, including four twin size metal beds and an exam table.  There seemed to be a lot of activity in this room;  like people were busy and going in and out of the room.

Nothing significant to report during investigation.

Staircase/Upstairs Hallway:
Baseline readings were:
Baseline Temperature: 72.9  Baseline EMF: .2 to .4
During the investigation with Team One: No significant temperature changes.   EMF spikes of up to .5.

After I asked for a knocking sound, Jessica and I both felt slight vibration taps beneath us.  I asked for it to be done again, but it was not.  Upon sitting there, I saw something white and small in height shoot across the doorway of Jessica’s office.  It seemed almost bright.  I snapped a couple of pictures and did not get anything in them.

We had moved up to the landing and were asking questions.  Karen Brown was asking questions geared more towards children who may be there.  Soon after she asked for a hug, Jessica felt as though her legs were hugged.  Then Kali felt a tug on her sleeve.  At almost the same time, I felt a tug on the bottom of the back of my shirt.

Jessica’s Office:
Baseline readings for this room were:
Baseline Temperature: 73.2   Baseline EMF: Between 1.4 to .4
During investigation: Temperature: 72.8   EMF: .1

On the walk-through, I kept smelling flowers in here.  Kali smelled it as well.  It was the distinct scent of either magnolias or gardenias.  It would be strong and then weak, but the aroma was always there.  There is a electric air freshener  and a scented candle in there, but neither is what I was smelling.

When investigating, once again, I smelled magnolias off and on.  I also felt as though there was a male presence in the doorway and a woman out in the hall.

Erika’s Office:
Baseline readings for this room were:
Baseline Temperature: 72.8   Baseline EMF: .1

On our walk-through, I feel as though this room had once been a child/children’s room.  I also think that a baby had died in a wooden cradle in the corner on the left as you walk in the door.  It would be behind where the conference table is in the office.  There is a feeling of sadness in this room.  While there is a feeling of happiness and playfulness, it also feels like a feeling of great loss.

Nothing significant to report during investigation.

Caroline’s Office:
Baseline readings for this room were:
Baseline Temperature: 71.3   Baseline EMF: .2 to .4
During investigation: No significant temperature changes.  EMF: Steady at .3

Upon walk-through, there is a very dark, almost oppressive feeling about this area.  Nothing evil or malicious is there, it’s just an uncomfortable feeling.  The air seems to feel thicker and I could feel a tightening in my chest. There is a feeling of sickness.
Other than feeling very uncomfortable in this room, there is nothing significant to report during investigation.

Empty Office Upstairs:
Baseline Readings for this room were:
Baseline Temperature: 72 Baseline EMF: .2
No significant spikes of either during investigation.

This office also has a feeling of sickness; possibly even death.

Out in the hallway I had put my flashlight down on the floor and asked for it to be moved or rolled to let us know someone was there.  When I sat down in the empty office, I placed my flashlight on my clipboard on the floor.  I did not ask again for it to be moved.  After a few minutes of being in there, suddenly, it rolled across the wood floor.  It rolled almost all the way across the room and rolled back, then rolled back and forth quite a few times and then abruptly stopped.  We tried to recreate it, and the flashlight would roll across the floor, but would not come back.  We tried three or four times and it would not come back across the floor.  Kali and I kept asking for it to be moved again and it turned a little bit, but did not roll again.  Although, when we asked for it to me moved again, Kali and I both saw it moving very slightly in an almost circular motion.

I kept hearing a faint tapping sound coming from the back left corner of the empty office.  I couldn’t make out what it could have been.

Sports Office:
Baseline Readings for this room were:
Baseline Temperature: 75.1   Baseline EMF: .1
During the investigation we had significant changes in the temperature readings. (See below)
EMF readings during investigation with Team One: Nothing to report.

On the walk-through, I picked up on what seemed to have once been a porch with stairs leading down to what was probably once the yard.  We both picked up on a child that had fallen on those steps, a boy.  Kali and I both felt that the fall had resulted in a head trauma that probably permanently affected this child mentally and/or physically.

When investigating, as soon as we got in there, I checked the EMF readings and temperature.  The digital thermometer kept having astronomically large spikes into the hundreds and thousands.  I have never seen it do that.  It would go from saying 14,000 degrees to 74.1 degrees.  It was as though it was being manipulated.  My digital thermometer has NEVER done that before.  When it was reading 74.1, I asked that it be dropped to 70.1.  It slowly dropped and then rested at 70.1.  I also noticed that the batteries on my KII meters all started to dim in this room.  The batteries were all brand new.  When I went to check them at base, they were fine and the KII’s lights were no longer dimming and were bright like normal.
See photos that follow for evidence of the above.

No baseline temperature or EMF readings were done here.

While sitting at base as Team Two was investigating, I was talking to Karen B. and Kali who were sitting across the table from me; we all heard what sounded like a child.  It almost sounded light a squeal of glee.  At almost the same time, I saw a small white form dart from left to right and go where I thought was behind Kali.  I was about to say something when Kali jumped up and said that something had just moved through her.

Through the window, we all noticed that the computer monitor in Sherry’s office that had been off all night was now on.

Karen Brown- Team One:
Kali, Karen, KC and Susan did individual walk-throughs.

Karen Fon and I took base readings.  Temperatures fluctuated in every room up to a full degree.  It could be because the house is old and drafty.  The stairs had a lot of fluctuation.  I had a warm sensation on my right arm as I came down the stairs during the base readings.

Publishers Office:  
Area was too loud with cars going by and outdoor noises to get much.  Too distracting.

Sherry’s Office:  
The left and right curtains in the bay window rippled as the center one stayed still.  There were no heating vents that we saw.  We didn’t feel any breeze.   Karen and Kali got the feeling that a lady stood by the window waiting a lot of the time, and that she stood by the window watching a fire at a neighboring house.   At the end of the night, the computer screen lit up when we were all outside.

Upstairs Landing:
I asked for the child to touch us.  Jessica got the sensation of someone hugging her legs.  Kali and Karen F. both had sensations, as well as Jessica.  I did not.

Erika’s Office:  
I liked the room when we walked through.  I got a tickle on my eyebrow and ankle.

Storage office under renovation:  
Karen Fon  asked questions and her flashlight started rolling.  Even though I didn’t see it, the noise it made was clear.  It sounds very clear on the recording also.  We could not recreate the occurrence.

Sports Office:
The temperature gauge jumped all over the place.  The temperature gauge was held still or on the floor.  We got readings from 112 degrees to 14,000 degrees.  Karen Fon got pictures.

Jessica’s Office During “Quiet Time”:  
I had no personal experiences during the “quiet time.”

During Lockdown Outside:
I witnessed several interesting mists on pictures taken by Susan and Karen Fon.  I also had a picture with some mist that I have forwarded on to Karen Fon.

Note on historical data:  Many things I found were things mentioned by Susan or Kali during the evening.  They both picked up on a fire next door.  It could have been the McAfee house which was located where the park is now.  Names of Emily, Lou, and Evie are all names that were mentioned and can be documented in the Dean family.  The Dean family had a death three infants.  I am sure they have other things they found that I didn’t hear about that night that will also be verified in the historical data.

Dr. W.H. Dean’s gravestone has Rev. W. H. Dean.  Kali got the impression of W. H. Dean writing a sermon.  None of us knew that he filled in as the pastor at Enon Baptist.

(Historical data discovered is included in the report.)
Susan Gilbert-Team Two:
Upon driving up to the location I noticed that there were several spirits gathered around a tree in the back of the parking lot. Kali and I were being pulled to an area where an old type of guest quarters could have once been.  It was interesting to me that as soon as we arrived, the spirits outside seemed very interested in communicating with me.  It was almost as if they knew we were coming.

As we walked around to the front of the house/office building, I noticed a tall man in suspenders standing in the window of what is now the receptionist area.  As I stopped, I gathered that he was happy to for us to be there.  It was as if he too knew we were coming. I found this odd because most of the time spirits are somewhat shocked that there is someone there that they can communicate with.  The front yard area also had a few spirits that were just walking around enjoying the beautiful night.  I attempted to communicate with a man who was enjoying a cigarette, but he did not respond.  There was a woman in one of the rocking chairs.  She seemed ill.  She was elderly with white hair, wearing a white housecoat type coat.  She was covered in a quilt holding a book.  She also did not respond when I attempted to speak to her.

As we entered the building, I noticed right away that in the foyer there were four spirits present. The tall man from the window, a woman halfway up the stairs dressed in a period dress with a white apron.  Her hair was pulled back into a bun.  There was a tall African American man standing in the hall.  He was wearing overalls and a reddish colored shirt.  He seemed confused, but friendly as he gave me a smile every time I would look at him.

In the room to the right, which is now Sherry’s office, I noticed there was a man in a bed.  He was a middle-aged man with brown hair.  He was moaning as if he was in great pain and asking for help.  I also had a strong smell of cherry tobacco in the doorway of that room.  When I walked in, the smell got stronger but quickly faded.

Base/Break Room:
At first I only noticed the tall African American man in the room.  He had followed us in from the hallway.  He stood quietly in the corner and watched as we set up for the night.

This room seemed very warm and inviting.  A real southern type; a feeling that one would get when walking into their grandparents’ home.  At the same time, it’s as though it was once a busy area.  It could have been a place that was meant to serve many different areas; from cooking to cleaning items.  It was a very active area as if there was something going on all the time in this area and the kitchen.

While Team Two was waiting for Team One to do their investigation, I was asked by the tall African American man if we would like some lemonade.  I kindly said, “Thank you, but no.”  I was then able to talk to him for a little while.  His name was Carl.  He had grown up with the owners of the house.  He told me his “Papa” worked the stables for Dr. Dean.  I am not sure if this is Jr. or Sr.  Carl was mentally slow and he likes to stand right behind people and follow them around.  He is waiting for you to tell him what needs to be done.  He told me that he cleans the horses everyday and helps Mrs. Dean when she needs help with the visitors.  He isn’t supposed to talk to the visitors.  Just help them.  I asked him if he has a family, but he never replied.  He also helps in the garden with the corn.  He says that a lot of animals eat it.  As I was talking to him, Carl suddenly got quiet and I realized that the woman from the stairs had entered the room.  Her name was Lou.  She sat next to me and began talking to me about my knitting.  Lou also informs me that Carl is free to leave whenever he wishes, but he has nowhere to go, so he stays.  Lou is a very stern woman.  Demanding, but only to get whatever needs to be done, and done correctly.  In the little spare time that she has, she knits, quilts, and makes clothes for the children and the little ones.

I noticed that there was a small boy standing in the doorway that led to the hall.  He was an African American dressed in a blue shirt and overalls.  He was just standing there looking at Paul.  Carl told the boy to go outside and play.  Lou kept coming and going.  I believe she was going to see what Team One was doing.

Publisher’s Office:
On my initial walk-through of this room, I got the impression that there were two people who spent a lot of time in this area.  During Team Two’s investigation, Dr. Merritt is very upset that Dr. Dean gets most of the “glory” of the building of the house and downtown.  I also learned that Dr. Dean “likes” the ladies that work here now.  He tends to follow them around.  He is very professional when asked about his practice.  He informed me that both are willing to help anyone who needs it regardless of whether they can pay or not.  This room is not very active, except for the two doctors.

 Sports Office:
This room and the adjoining room are very active.  On my walk-through, I was standing in the doorway between the two rooms, when I felt as though I was going to fall down.  I was suddenly pushed from behind.  It was a small child.  I feel he fell at one time down some stairs and hit his head.  I believe this could have been one of the doctor’s children because Lou was very upset when I attempted to ask her about it.

I believe that this room was not here and was later told it was a porch.  I pictured that the doorway between the rooms was the door that they would use to take the dead outside to a waiting buggy.  This was done at night and early in the morning. There is a great deal of sadness and loss in both rooms.

The room next to it feels as if  it was used for what may have been a waiting and recovery room at one time.  The spirits like these two rooms because there is a great deal of electricity used here.  They feel strongest in this room and enjoy toying with those who work here.  I saw a man sitting in the chair in the corner.  He is dressed in a suit and was very nervous about something.  He would not speak to me.  I later realized that this was the same man I saw out front smoking.

Advertising Office:
In this room when I first walked in, I felt as though I needed to wash/scrub my hands and put on a mask.  This room had to have been used as a trauma or surgical room.  It seems that this room has to be cleaned every day or even several times a day.  There are four beds in here.  Each bed has a person in it.  Two are sick with internal problems; one of these is a man.  I feel as if he has cancer.  The other I feel had been shot in the stomach.  Another bed has a man who is moaning in a great deal of pain.  He informs me that he had been hit by the train while crossing in front of it and it took his right leg.  He needs something for pain.  The last man is sleeping.  I am not sure, but I think he broke his back.  I feel as though my legs don’t seem to want to move when I concentrate on him.  I see a young girl walking around carrying a bowl with scraps of some kind.  Her name is Jessica.  She cannot talk to me right then, for she was too busy.  She feels deeply for the patients.  She is dressed in a long dark-colored dress with an apron over the front.  At first, I thought this was Lou, but she is younger.

This room was also a sitting room at one time.  I see a man and woman when they first moved in dancing in this room.  It’s a waltz.  They are very happy and deeply in love.  The woman is in a light blue dress with lace all over it.  She has dark hair that is pulled up with curls hanging down.  The gentleman is tall and young looking with dark hair and is wearing a suit.  I want to say that this could be Dr. Merritt and his wife when they were young.  I feel as though this room was also a place where last rites were given to those who died.  One of the doctors did this for them.  There was a lot of suffering and death in this room.

Downstairs Hallway and Stairs:
In the hallway near the breakroom door, there is a spot on the floor where children used to sit and play jacks and other games.  This would upset Lou because they were always getting in the way.

Moving over to the stairs, I see Lou cleaning the railing.  Paul put a KII meter on it, and Lou, in her stern southern voice, asked for him to remove it.  He did, but put it back on it.  This upset her very much.  Again, Carl is standing right behind me as if he was my shadow and again wants to know if we need a cold glass of lemonade.  Lou wants him to go outside and see to the horses.  I feel that Lou is the “backbone” of the household.  She is a proud woman, but cares for all those who pass through this house. She keeps it running on a tight schedule.

Sherry’s Office:
The receptionist area is the main area where Dr. Dean likes to stay.  He often looks out the window to watch people.  The smell of cherry tobacco is very strong in here.

This was at one time another room for patients to recover, but it also was used as the main exam  room. I feel as though my mouth hurt a lot in this room.  Overall, it was still a very comfortable room.  Lou also informed me that she would sit in a chair in here next to the fire and knit/sew.  She would do this when the doctor was out making house calls, or out having a smoke and drink with his friends.  She is sad when she talks about these times.

Carl likes this room because he enjoys looking out the windows like Dr. Dean does.  I think Carl likes anything simple.

There is a small white boy that comes in this room a lot.  He has blond hair and is wearing pants that look too small for him and a white shirt.  He likes the lady that sits in here.  He also spins in the chair a lot and likes to move things on the desk.

Caroline’s Office and the Empty Office:
This room was once one a big room and the master bedroom.  It was then turned into two rooms.  When it was a one big room, it had a sitting area.  The bed was near the window in the front of the house.  There were lace curtains on the window and handmade quilts on the bed. During my walk through, I felt that this was a very private area of the house and no one was allowed into it.  Then I pictured that it was also used as a sitting/waiting area or visiting room for those family members who had family being treated here.

In the empty office off of the idle room, I picture two beds with very sick little boys who stayed in here.  They would play with the other children that lived in the guest house in the back.  Both of these boys died from an illness.  They like to run up and down the upstairs hall.

There is also a little girl who comes into these rooms. She wouldn’t tell me her name, but she did tell me that her mother brought her here when she got sick, and that she is waiting for her to come back and get her.  She is around the age of 7 with blonde hair and wearing a pink dress. She started to play with my hair while Team Two was doing their investigation in the empty office.

I believe that any child who was staying here while sick, stayed in this room so that Dr. Dean could be right there for them.

Jessica’s Office:
On my walk-through, I noticed that I had a feeling of being watched by someone at the door leaning on the banister.  I can picture children running back and forth in the hallway.

In this room, there is a strong smell of a flower, a candle, or perfume.  There is a candle on the fireplace, but it is not the same smell.  This room feels light and not so crowded.  This was once a bedroom.  There were two beds for two boys.  The beds were made of wood, with bricks as legs;  and then I felt that it had also been a girl’s room with a bed made of metal.  A small boy likes to come in here and move items around.

Someone lost or left their keys in this room, and does this a lot.

I feel also that a wedding-type event was held here.  Maybe a bride got ready in here.

Fathers would wait here for news about babies arriving.  Lou comes in here a lot in the morning and looks out the window. She says that this room reminds her of her family and she misses them.

The young girl who was helping with the patients downstairs stayed in this room.  She would sit up late at night and write or read. She was very smart, but was lonely and longed for a family of her own.

Carl followed Team Two up to this room to make sure we were warm enough.  He wanted to make a fire for us.  I explained that we can’t use the fireplace anymore.  He was very confused.  I told him, “No thank you” and left it at that.

Erika’s Office:
This is a very sad room.  I pictured a cradle in the corner.  Lou comes in this room and will cry for hours.  She had lost a baby.  There could be more than one that was lost, but I pick up on a baby boy.  The baby is close by.  I feel it could be on the grounds around the house, or on land that Dr. Dean owned.

This room was also used as a bedroom and guest room.  Lou and other women would sit right outside this room and use a sewing machine.

This room has such an overpowering feeling of loss in it.

Dr. Merritt also spends a lot of time in this room.  It could have been an office for him at one time.

It also could have been a room for a teenager at one time.  A metal bed was used in this room.

This house has a great deal of activity in it.  I never got the feeling that there is anything bad that would hurt anyone.  I believe that any spirit can and will leave at anytime.  They are trying to help those that work here now.  They continue to want this house to be used to help people.  They do not totally understand what it is being used for now, but feel that it is good.

Each room has been many different things over the years, and this makes it hard to say if one room was used for a longer period of time than another.

Each doctor did great things here and wished that they got the credit for it.  Again, it is hard to tell which doctor did what and who helped whom.

The land around the Ledger is also very active with spirits.  Some come here from other places.  There is something that pulls them here.

It is a good feeling, and should not be considered as evil or bad.  I suggest that if someone feels that they are being watched or bothered, that they simply say out loud that they are busy and need to be left alone.

I really enjoyed this investigation and would love to do another one, and attempt to spend more one-on-one time talking to Lou and Dr. Dean.  I feel that Dr. Merritt would enjoy more acknowledgements for his work here and has a great deal to say as well.

KC M.- Team Two:
When we arrived, I sensed a lot of presence at the business.  Like a lot of history was there, and there were a lot of people and souls that visited this place.  When we parked, I got a lot of names that came to my mind over and over again.  None of them came up later in my research.  I presume they were servants and/or workers that used to preside at the house in the late 1800’s.

Around the grounds of the house, it felt very busy.  Like there were a lot of people around and a lot of action going on.  However, none of the energy was bad energy.  It just felt incredibly busy.

Publisher’s Office:
I felt a very strong presence of someone working in there. Like they were writing a paper or filing papers.  I even felt the need to call them “Dr. something”. But the energy again was not bad, and it was very intriguing to feel like the house was so busy.

I really did not pick up on anything.  However, the more I walked around the area, the question of where is the basement kept coming into my head.  I really was certain there was a basement, and there were kids who wanted to go down there.  Later that night, I found the space under the house.  I presume the kids used to play underneath the house, either hiding or listening through the floors.

Sports Office:
Images of a white screen on the porch with one swing kept coming to my mind.

I also saw a lengthy man hit a black women.  I tried to focus in on this memory like a scene, and when I did, I discovered that the man was displeased with the housemaid for taking something from him, so he hit her.  Besides this scene, I felt I was in a place of relaxation on a day when the sun is shining and the kids are playing outside.  Just peaceful and nice.

 Sherry’s Office:
I pictured a very “smoky” presence.  Like a fog was looming in the room of some sort.  It would come and go, but I knew it was there.  Maybe it was once a smoke room, or there was a fire of some sort in that room.

Advertising Office:
It was the eeriest of all the rooms, but also the one room I picked up the most on.  The room was a place for patients to rest.  There were many occasions where patients passed away in that room, either peacefully or not.  A woman, or nurse, constantly kept busy with caring for these patients.

When I first went in, I felt the need to get out of someone’s way, like I was blocking their path.  It appeared like a white room with white sheets on four or five beds.  It was always kept bright for the patients.

Caroline’s Office:
I sensed very little.  I did, however;  feel that the room used to be a bedroom of some sort with a very big bed.  This room also used to be connected to the hallway, and someone had put up walls to close it off.

In the empty office, I felt the need to be really quiet.  I then envisioned there were children near.  I found a hole in the floor of the room, and then it occurred to me that the children were listening through the hole.  I felt they liked to spy on those downstairs and listen to them talk.  I didn’t pick up on any bad energy from the room, it just felt very closed off from the rest of the house.

Jessica’s Office:
The first thing that came to my mind in Jessica’s office, was children.  I believe at some point, the children that lived in the house slept in this room.  There appeared to be two or three beds.  A little boy likes to watch Jessica work.  Jessica mentioned that she sometimes babysits a boy while she works.  The young boy interacts with the other quite often.

Erika’s Office:
Erika’s office was a little bit sad.  I heard a baby crying so much from that room, it was really uncomfortable.  A woman I believe, used to sit in there and cry.  I think she may have lost her child and she never fully recovered from it.  It was really kind of uncomfortable to be in the room – no bad energy, just sad energy.

None of the KII meters went off in the house on Team Two’s investigation.  It also almost felt as if every room we went into, whatever was there would leave or pull us toward another room.  The house, in general, was very interesting;  and it was the center of attraction for many souls.  However, none of them are trapped there.  I simply believe they find comfort in being there in the house.  I feel without the interaction in that home, much of Woodstock would be different.

Kali M.- Team One:  

Several dreams occurred prior to this investigation, which I feel gave a me a solid understanding of some of the dynamics of this home and the people associated with it. Information received from these dreams was verified during and after the investigation as accurate from available sources.  A list of sources can be supplied if needed.

Prior to the investigation, I had a lot of contact with two women, one whom I thought to be Eve or Eva, the other, I called Lou.  Eva felt as if she belonged to the Dean house property, but I had a strong feeling she lived closer to City Park and was drawn to the park just before the investigation began.  We came to learn one of the daughters Dr. W.L. Dean (henceforth referred to as Dr. Will Dean) was in fact, named Eva.  She married a McAfee and owned a home on what is currently the site of City Park.  When we visited City Park the night of the investigation, I had an overwhelming sense of the smell of fire. Soon after that, other investigators, Karen Fon and KC Morgan, discovered  the home which had stood on that site had burned down.

Though my contact with Eva could not be ignored, my strongest connection was with a woman named Lou.  The Dean House was, and still is, her home. She continues to take care of the home in death as she did in life.  I had many dreams of her standing in the front window waiting for her husband to come home. I felt the grief when she lost an infant, and saw her raise her children in her husband’s absence.

The strong connection between Eva and Lou also could not be ignored, and I strongly felt Lou was Eva’s mother.  This was verified after the investigation; Louella Boring Dean was the mother of Eva Dean McAfee.  Prior to the investigation, I became increasingly convinced their deaths were linked somehow.  After the investigation, I was also able to learn Eva and Lou died on the same day, however;  we have yet to find the manner in which they both passed away.

Another strong presence in my dreams was an older man, who I believe to be Dr. W. H. Dean. (Dr. Will Dean’s father).   I feel he was a force to be reckoned with and a man of deep faith.  I can’t shake the image of him in a front parlor sitting in a chair discussing day-to-day business with Lou and reading his Bible. He told me several times in my dreams, that he did what he had to do, and was the man people needed him to be.  I had flashes of him in a war setting performing operations, the memories of which bothered him a great deal.  After the investigation, I learned he was a volunteer field surgeon during the Civil War and an occasional pastor at Enon Baptist Church.

Lastly, prior to the investigation, I kept seeing the image of two people in hospital gowns walking toward the Dean House, from what I could only describe as a flimsy spaceship-like building.  I couldn’t understand how this could be related to the Dean house, even if Mr. Dean was a doctor. They didn’t fit the appearance of the right time period.  The night of the investigation, while visiting City Park to get a feel for Eva’s house,  I was advised that not far from the park was a hospital.  It was later discovered the Atomedic Hospital, which was a round prefabricated building resembling a spaceship, was just down from the Dean house near what used to be the Woodstock Police Department.

Investigation With Team One:
First, I would like to note that at no time did I feel any malicious or evil presence in this home.  There is a strong family feel which persists even after a century and the many families who have lived here.

As soon as we drove onto the property at 103 Main Street, I was pulled into the backyard. There was a strong sense that there was supposed to be another building or house behind the Dean House.  I believe it was a separate kitchen or possibly servants’ quarters.  Where the other building used to be, I saw several servants, a large black man who I want to call Charlie or Carl;  (he seems to be mentally slow in some way and VERY gentle), a black woman who I  must describe as elegant, and two children: a little boy about 7 or 8 and a little girl about 4 or 5.

Looking at the back of the home, I could see two boys (in a replay of a scene from the past) playing telephone out the back upstairs window.

Upon walking into the home, I was not shocked to see the floor plan almost identical to that of my dreams, nor the long tall staircase with the banister Lou was so insistent to remain polished.  I was drawn into the front right room with the bay window facing the front of the home.  I could clearly see Mrs. Lou Dean standing with her hands clasped, her hair in a bun keeping watch out the front window;  and at another time, sitting at a desk writing correspondence.  It was also in this room that I smelled a pipe, or cigar smoke near the fireplace;  and the image of an elderly man disposing of ashes in the fireplace.

Publisher’s Office:
Upon entering this room, I got the names Dr. Merritt and Frannie.  Dr. Merritt seemed to be slightly agitated, not mad or rude;  but he wanted acknowledgement that it was he who built the house, not Dr. Dean.  While in this room, I also picked up the names Frannie and Campbell, but I am not sure how the name is related to this investigation at this time.

Sherry’s Office:
Lou Dean, W.H. Dean, “Will” Dean, Eva Dean McAffee, and a man I want to call Herbert or Hubert are strong in this room.  This is the same room I can see Mrs. Lou Dean standing at the window, Dr. W.H. Dean smoking, and a lot of family discussions taking place.

As we were settling in for the first EVP session in this room, Karen F and I both saw white skirts sweeping through the doorway and going up the stairs.  We both looked to the top of the stairs where we were both able to see Mrs. Lou Dean standing at the top of the stairs and a little black girl in pigtails behind her skirt.  There was also a man standing on the top ⅓ of the stairs who was thin and had round wire glasses on.  My impression was this was Dr. Will Dean. We asked them to join us in the front room and returned to continue the EVP session.

During the course of the EVP session, I was sitting at the desk immediately in front of the bay window with my back to the window.  While sitting here, I could see the drapes moving behind me on both sides, despite the heat not blowing out of the vents at that time.  No draft was detected when I placed my hands near the windows.  I could not rule out a draft, but it was odd that immediately following our discussion of the drapes moving, they stopped simultaneously.

Jessica, the representative from Cherokee Ledger, had said they believed this to be Dr. Will Dean’s office, however;  Susan, KC and I all felt that was incorrect.  We believe that the room directly across the hall, with the side facing bay window, to be his office.  This space had much more of a familial and formal feel to it.

Dr. W.H. Dean introduced himself formally to me in this room.  He was quite clear that he is the older one and still the head of this family.  He felt a deep responsibility to his family during his lifetime, as well as in death.

I did not get the impression that any of the spirits in this home were stuck here.  It really felt as if they were simply carrying on just as they did in life.

Later in the evening, after everyone had left the house and it was locked down at the end of the investigation, we were all standing out front of the house, when the monitor in the front bay window came on and was visible from the street.  While sitting at the desk earlier in the evening, I turned the screen off, since I had bumped the mouse at one point and it had come on.  I was the last person in this room before the investigation ended during our solitary quiet time, and it was during this time I was sitting in the chair immediately to the right of the door from the main hallway, and there were no monitors on.

Of all the rooms, this was the room I was most drawn to.  The sense of family, waiting, and doing what is right was very strong here.  It is my opinion this was an important room in the lives of the Dean family.

Advertising Office:
This room looked (in my dream and in my head the night of the investigation), like a doctor’s office.  I wasn’t surprised when Karen F. also saw how the room had been previously set up.  Upon walking in, there was an old fashioned medicine cabinet to the left of the doorway and a changing screen to the right. There was an exam table just past the window on the left, and a large desk in front of the bay windows with two chairs facing it.  At various times in the home’s past, there may have been some beds set up in here for recovery.

At one point in the home’s past, I am certain there was a large oriental rug and it was dressed as a sitting room.  I caught myself jumping to miss stepping on several childrens’ toys as I entered the room.

During the EVP session, I was sitting at the desk nearest the bay window and the fireplace.  A strong smell of mens’ hair pomade kept wafting past me.  No one else smelled it, but it was such a distinct smell, I could not ignore it, and felt a strong presence, who I believe to be Dr. Will Dean, in this space.

Sports Office:
Upon entering this room, I was drawn to what was an exterior door.  Standing on the bricks in the threshold, I could feel an imprint; a young boy fell on the steps and severely injured his head and possibly broke his arm.  As I watched the scene replay itself, I should note how calm Mrs. Lou Dean was.  She had help from all the servants, but was upset her husband was not home to help their own child.  The child’s name starts with an H… Hal or Harold possibly.

Once we sat down for the EVP session in the Sports office, I saw a small black girl carrying laundry in and out.  She enjoyed following her mother around and helping with the chores of the home.

The stairs make me nervous, like a mother’s apprehension that something has, or may, happen on them.  Someone fell down these stairs, but that is true of many staircases.
This feeling is more dreadful than normal though.

As I paused at the base of the stairs during the initial walk-through, I placed my hand on the banister as I tried to clarify an impression I was getting of Mrs. Lou Dean.  Susan and I looked at each other as we both heard Mrs.Lou Dean tell us not to touch the railing, she had just had it polished, and did not want our fingerprints on it.

During the Team One investigation as we sat on the stairs to begin an EVP session, the lights on the KII meter went off at the top of the stairs.  It was at the same time I felt skirts brushing past me on their way upstairs.  It should be noted that the air was getting warmer on the stairs and was currently reading at 74.3 degrees during this session.

As a little earlier in the evening, Dr. Will Dean could be seen standing near the top of the stairs.  I would place his age in his late 40’s.  I kept hearing 48 years old.  My general feeling of Dr. Will Dean is that he watched over his wife after he passed away, as he quietly watches over his home and family still.

When the question was asked if there was anything they did not like about the changes that had been made to the home, it was clear to me that neither Dr. Will Dean, not Mrs. Lou Dean liked the fact certain things had been painted as they had.  They took great pride in their home and are unhappy with its current state.  Mrs. Dean especially would like it “set right”.

While sitting on the stairs, a scene played out where one of the girls in the family left a doll at the top of the stairs, and one of the boys left jacks or some sort of tossing game down in the hall under the stairs.  An older girl was correcting a Vile or Vila (post investigation, I believe this may have been Villa, one of the daughters).  There was a disagreement between a servant, Linton and Mrs. Dean under the stairs in the threshold to the room that is now used as the break room.  They were not generally an argumentative family, and this may perhaps explain why this scene replays; it was highly emotional for them and left an imprint.

After our EVP session on the stairs, my heart began to race.  I was much more uncomfortable going upstairs than anywhere downstairs.

Upstairs Hallway:
Several things occurred on the landing: two women, one of whom I believe is Mrs. Lou Dean, and the other called Maggie (possibly a servant/nanny) were not happy that people lean on the banister at the top.

While at the top of the stairs in front of the white board, several of us had personal experiences.  Jessica was touched by what she believed was a child.  I was also touched by what felt like a child on the back of my right arm and on the leg.

There was an uneasy feeling on the landing, and I was drawn to the front right room and kept wanting to go in, but kept seeing Dr. Will Dean and Mrs. Lou Dean standing at the top of the stairs shaking their heads at the behavior that recently occurred in the little nook near the window.  Prior to the investigation, in several dreams, I had the feeling there was something sexual occurring recently upstairs.  I mentioned it to our lead investigator, Karen F, who had no information about the incidents, and we eventually brought it up during the investigation.  It was then confirmed there were “incidents” that had occurred in the not too distant past with a former employee in this area.

Also, while standing on the upstairs landing, I picked up on the following names which I had trouble scribbling down fast enough: Ira, Georgie, Hal (again), Carl, Campbell (again), Hubert, Josiah, Emily, Walter, Frannie, Samantha and Willie.

Jessica’s Office:
There was a strong smell of flowers in this room, both during our initial walk-through, and when we entered the room again for our EVP session.  Karen F and I checked the office for the scent we described as magnolia or gardenia. There was a scented candle and one plug-in air freshener, but neither of these had the same (or even similar) scent to what we both described.

This room (as did many others on this floor) reminded me of musical chairs.  It was as if the families that lived here could not decide what was best suited for each room.  Nothing of note occurred in this room, it was a calm space.  Dr. Dean walked past the doorway several times and the spirits outside the room carried on in their normal routines and did not pay us particular attention while in this space.

Erika’s Office:
As mentioned previously, I felt pulled into this space.  This was an area of great love, joy, and at a certain point, great sorrow.  I could see a small brass bed on one side of the room, a bassinet, a large dollhouse, toys, a rocking chair, and Mrs. Lou Dean rocking a child in her arms.  At some point, I believe this was the nursery and the girl’s bedroom, and at another time,  I felt this to be the main bedroom for the parents.  It was a lovely bright bedroom.

Though six of the seven Dean children survived to adulthood, this room still draws them, or helps them manifest as children.  I can’t explain how they manifest as children when they grew to adulthood, unless perhaps they are children of other owners;  but it feels like a replay of events (in an interactive way) of when the Dean children were small.  The children are curious and sometimes want to play or be picked up…as Jessica found out on the landing shortly before we entered this room for the EVP session.  She told us she did not like the front left corner of the room.  I advised her of my certainty there is nothing malicious here.  If anything, I think she is picking up on some of the sadness the family felt when one of the son’s died as an infant.

In this space, I also felt like Fannie Merritt was trying to tell me something, but could not make out what it was.  She liked this room very much and did not want to leave it.

Caroline’s Office, Middle Office and Empty Office:
Since these areas are more or less together, I will include them as one for the purpose of this report.

Walking into these spaces made me feel extremely uneasy.  There was a dark dread that filled these rooms, unlike any other part of the house.  I didn’t pick up on anything malicious, but rather sick and sad…overwhelmingly so.

In the green front office, I kept getting the name Emily and Frances, and could clearly see a dressmaker’s form in that room.  Later in the evening, Susan also mentioned seeing a dressmaker’s form in the same area.  After the investigation, it was discovered Emily was the name of Dr. W.H. Dean’s wife, and Frannie, or Frances, was the name of Dr. Merritt’s wife.  It is unknown if these were the two women I kept seeing in this room, but given the familiarity they seemed to have with the home, and the ease in which they moved about, it seems reasonable they lived or visited this home often.

Part of the time we were in the green room, there was a shadow of a man hovering in the center room.  I believe this to have been Dr. Merritt, based on the fact his presence did not have the same personal feel to me as that of the two Dr. Deans.  His presence was more territorial in this area, like he didn’t want us to be here or disturb too much.

While doing an EVP session in the center room, Karen F was sitting in the doorway of the back office.   Karen B was sitting nearest the door to the stairway landing.  Jessica was sitting next to Karen B, and I was leaning against a small file cabinet directly ahead of the door when you walk in on the right hand side.

The shadow figure I saw in this room earlier was now watching us from the green room doorway we had just left, and another male presence joined us.  The shadow figure seems to be more of an observer, but there is something unsettling about the how he watched.  As Karen F was conducting the EVP session, her flashlight, which was sitting on her clipboard on the floor and not being touched by any of the investigators, rolled off the clipboard and further into the room, approximately 4-5 feet.  You can hear the flashlight and Karen F’s reaction on the EVP recording.  We tried to recreate the manner in which the flashlight rolled away and back, but were unable to get it to move back into it’s resting position unless someone physically moved it there.

After the flashlight moved, I walked to the doorway to where Karen F was sitting to watch her try to recreate the movement of the flashlight, when my right arm was gripped by a man’s hand.  Several EVPs of a male voice were picked up during this time period.

The feeling I had of the back room was somber, as if it had been a sick room, and during another time, a servants room.  My chest hurt in this room and I had difficulty breathing and the desire to cough a lot.  It would be my opinion that two boys dealt with a coughing illness in this room, the same boys I believe played telephone out the window of this home as mentioned much earlier in this report.
Previously, I also mentioned that these rooms felt like musical chairs to me.  At one time I believe these rooms were also used as storage and as a suite for children and their nanny.

Final Notes:
During the entire investigation, we were followed around at a distance by a black male servant who seemed to be mentally slow.  His primary concern was to make sure we did not need anything.

Mrs. Lou Dean is still running this household, and I believe can be seen and felt moving from room to room conducting her daily business.

Dr. W.H. Dean was only felt on the main floor of this home;  whereas, Dr. Will Dean could also be felt upstairs.

There was a strong feeling that various fires surrounded this home at various points in it’s history, and it made this home feel almost like a haven to what always seemed to occur outside it’s walls.  (After the investigation, it should be noted we learned a church and a home across the street, as well as Eva’s home next door to Dean House, burned down.)

Outside, in the back yard/parking area, Karen F captured various photos of light and mist while we were discussing the people in hospital gowns I kept seeing.

After our Team One investigation, and while Team Two was investigating, Karen F, Karen B and myself were sitting in the break room reviewing some information, and discussing the investigation when we heard what sounded like a child squeal behind me. We were all sitting at the table, Karen F with her back to the outside side door, Karen B with her back to the center hall door, and me with my back to the file cabinets.  As we heard the squeal, Karen F looked up to see a white form rushing toward my back.  At the same moment, I felt a thrust of energy through my body that had me jump out of my chair and took my breath away.

It is my belief this home does have intelligent and residual paranormal activity occurring.


Our final analysis is as follows: Our investigators and sensitives had experiences, both individually and jointly.  We collected many EVPs with different distinct voices.  We also gathered photographic evidence in the form of strange mists outside.

We do believe the location to have paranormal activity.  It is not necessarily deemed haunted, even though paranormal activity is present.  That said, based on our experiences individually and collectively, and the evidence collected, we do believe the Cherokee Ledger and property to be haunted.

We believe that the location has what is referred to as an Intelligent Haunting.  An Intelligent Haunting is that of a ghostly presence, or presences, attached to a specific locale.  Intelligent haunting manifestations will react to human presence and questions.

We also feel it to have Residual Haunting as well.  A residual Haunting is a Psychic imprint of a scene which is repeatedly played out, where the witnesses of such phenomenon essentially are peering into the past.  The ghostly participants of these time-displacements often seem unaware of their living observer.  Basically, it is like a movie reel being played over and over.   Quite often, spirits are not even aware of the changes of their surroundings, or that living beings are even there.
If the Cherokee Ledger wishes, a follow-up investigation would be of interest, and may be useful and/or helpful to possibly gather further information.