The Titanic Exhibit At The Georgia Aquarium

~By Karen Fon~

    When I was a little girl I came across a book that my Dad had.  It was a book about historical disasters.  The Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta in 1946, The Hindenburg in 1937, etc. and the Titanic, April 15, 1912.  Out of the many disasters listed and photographed in that book, the Titanic struck a cord with me.  I studied this chapter.  Every word, every picture, illustration over and over again.  For some reason I have still never understood, I felt connected to it.  A part of it.  Over the years I bought and read all that I could about it.  I read about the rich on board and the very poor.  Those escaping a life of poverty and pain in search of the “American dream” and those who had everything returning to the lap of luxury.  It became a passion of mine.  Then came the movie in 1997.  Though the main characters are fictional, it’s still based on the actual events.  I’m embarrassed to say that I quit counting the number of times I’ve seen it at 120.  It’s been a serious somewhat obsession of mine since childhood that has carried over!  Over the years, I’ve become somewhat of an “expert” on Titanic’s history.  I’ve always felt this strange connection to it that made NO sense!

    In 2008, I joined a Paranormal Investigation group in my area, I did so because of a desire to learn more about the paranormal and investigate it after having had my first experience when I was 8 years old.  Little did I know what would come my way just two months after joining.  The Georgia Aquarium called them to investigate reports of paranormal activity that seemed to follow the Titanic exhibit that they were hosting.  When I heard about it, I thought “Wow!  Great!  I wanna go!”  And I looked so forward to it.  I’ve had this passion about it for so long, but didn’t realize what a truly profound experience it would be.  

      When we arrived we congregated for a while and then started setting up for our investigation.  We then did a quick walk through of the exhibit to get a feel for the area.  As we started walking through, I realized I was having a hard time focusing on what was being said about what we needed to do, where we wanted to put cameras, where we wanted to focus, etc.  The enormity of it suddenly struck me.  I was in the presence of artifacts actually recovered from the Titanic it’s self.  From the ship and personal items recovered as well.  I have always been so “iffy” on recovering things from the ship, but when you’re looking at it… that all goes out the window!  It’s the most moving experience!

      After we’d had our walk through and begun setting up, I asked our lead investigator, if I could go back in alone for a few minutes alone.  So I did.  I was so overcome that I cannot even put it into words!  It struck me what I was looking at and that how at the moment, I was the only person in the world looking at these precious recovered artifacts.  Yes, it sounds corny as hell, but that’s what was going through my mind. That weird non-connection I’d felt all my life almost seemed like somewhat of an actual connection now being in the presence of all those artifacts!!

      As the night went on my team and I investigated various parts of the Georgia Aquarium and I couldn’t wait to get back to the exhibit.  Finally our time came.  My team was me, Jordan, Steve and Bob.  Bob is an amazing “sensitive”, as he is referred to.  His gift still leaves me with many questions as to how it works, but also leaves me in awe!  He “senses” an energy/presence.  He does not SEE the person, yet he can tell you if they are male or female, approximate age, what they’re wearing, what they look like, hair color, etc.  It blows me away!  When we first entered, he sensed a woman there.  But according to him, she would never come close to us.  Only “hover”.  Maybe she was scared or knowing the vast International passenger manifest, maybe she didn’t speak English and didn’t understand us.  She followed us for a bit and then I think, vanished.  

      We moved on into the exhibit and sat down in a room full of artifacts to do an EVP session.  I couldn’t help but be SO moved by my surroundings.  We started asking the routine questions.  All of a sudden, Bob said he was picking up an “energy” in the room with us.  We could see shadows almost pacing back and forth from time to time.  There was nothing that would have given that effect in there and we were sitting on the floor not moving.  He said it was a male, mid 20’s, blond and in what he perceived to be a white Titanic crew man’s uniform.  An overwhelming amount of emotions overcame me.  Something I had spent my life researching, obsessed with and it seemed I was in the presence of an individual who was on that ship and died on that ship who was right there with us!  I’ve felt a weird lifelong connection with this and here I was actually almost having a connection.  He said he “saw” him moving all around us.  One by one “he” touched everyone on the shoulder, even tugged at Jordan’s shirt.  A number of times, Bob said he was standing beside me.  Maybe I just wanted to so bad, but I swear I could feel him there beside me.   But he didn’t touch or make contact with me.  I began to take it personally.  I was deflated, to say the least.  Bob said he felt that the spirit thought that, as a woman, I would be insulted if he touched me.  That to him,  it would be considered rude.   We ended our session and moved to the room with personal recovered items.  Bob said he had followed us.   We did a short EVP session in there as well.  I asked “him” to please let me feel his presence, hoping beyond anything I’d feel something.  Bob told me he was standing right next to me.  Semi-begging, I asked him to touch my shoulder as he had the others.  He didn’t touch my shoulder….  But I felt the most distinct touching/brushing of my left arm!!  It started a little above my wrist and went up my forearm.  I could feel all four fingers!  I KNEW I had been touched!  It wasn’t my imagination just because I wanted it so badly!  It wasn’t one of the team, because they were not near me.  I KNEW “he” was there and I KNEW “he” had touched me!  And I KNEW I can say what so many cannot…. I actually have a personal connection with someone from the Titanic!  Hence, with the Titanic it’s self.

     The investigation was amazing!  We all had all kinds of experiences.  Saw things, heard things and felt things.  

      I have a handful of moments in my life that I cherish as most precious that I’ll never forget.  When my husband proposed to me on the beach.  My wedding.  When my two sons were born.  And a couple of other personal ones.  But, this is right up there!!!  I will never forget it as long as I live.  For the first time in my life, I feel as though I honestly have a connection with something that for NO reason I have always felt I already had and actually didn’t until now.  I have no gifts of intuition, but maybe it was always some sort of weird premonition that I would one day actually have some sort of connection to it all.

      I know there are MANY who do not believe in this sort of thing and think I am absolutely nuts.  That’s fine.   I know what I felt and experienced.  As an investigator, I’ve already hit “the holy grail” so to speak.  At the age of eight years old, I saw a full bodied apparition.  Which is what sent me on the course as an adult to become a paranormal investigator.  Then, I had this experience of being touched.  Touched by a person related to something else I have had a lifelong passion for.  Whatever else I investigate and whatever else happens, will just be icing on the cake.  I can’t wait for it and I welcome it.  But this experience will always hold a very special place in my heart!  

Update ~ Second Investigation:

     I was fortunate enough to be able to go back to the exhibit with investigative friends from our previous group.  We went back just before it left the Aquarium to investigate the exhibit again.  It was once again, NOT a disappointment at all!!!  

    According to Bob, the same crewman who had been with us last time was there again.  In the last room of the exhibit where there are passengers personal artifacts, we were doing an EVP session.  It was really warm in there that night.   All of a sudden my left arm got very cold.  Ice cold!  And it stayed that way for the entire session.  I’ve never felt anything like that.  It was as if I had my arm in ice water.  I later asked Bob if he could see where I was sitting on the floor and if anyone was around me.  He said that it was the same crewman and that he was standing next to me the entire time.  I didn’t tell him about the arm thing, but asked him on which side. He said the left. Hmmmmm…….

    Later in the night, Cindy and I were investigating alone in the exhibit.  At one point when walking around, I felt a slight shove.  It felt like it was a child based on where I felt the “pressure”.  A few minutes later, we heard what sounded like a very soft child’s laugh.  Then we started hearing tapping and thumping noises.  When we would go to the area where we thought we had heard it, we would hear it somewhere else.  So, we’d walk over there and then hear it elsewhere.  It was like someone was playing with us.  That went on for about 3 minutes.  We sat down to do an EVP session and I started hearing the distinct ticking of a clock.   I heard it and decided not to say anything to Cindy because I wanted to see if she would say anything about it and I didn’t want to influence her.   After a minute or so, she asked me if I heard a clock ticking!  There is no clock anywhere in the exhibit.  Strangely enough, it was not picked up on audio. Which is strange because it was very loud!

     When we had finished our session, we were going into the next room.  I got up off the floor and took a few steps.  All of a sudden I was really cold.  I told Cindy to come feel the temperature of the area around me.  When she was on her way over to me, all of a sudden I felt what felt like a hand  being placed on my back just below my right shoulder about it moved down to the center of my back.  I could feel an entire hand on my back!  Almost as soon I felt it lifted from my back, the area around me was no longer cold.  I wish we had brought a thermometer in with us, but we didn’t.

In the last room of the exhibit where the personal items are, as soon as we walked into that room I could feel a heaviness to it that I never had before.  The room just had a very strange feeling to it that I had never felt before in there.  I also felt like what I can only describe as a tightness in my chest.  As soon as we sat down to start our EVP session, we heard two loud knocks.  We asked if there was someone there with us who had made that noise could they please do it again.  Immediately after asking that, there were two more knocks.  Then from the direction where we had heard the knocks, we saw a shadow move across the large doorway of the second to last room.  As though someone had been walking across the room and passed in front of the doorway.  After that, we kept hearing unidentifiable noises coming from that room.  At one point, we heard what sounded like whispering.  Without turning on my flashlight, I walked back into that room wondering if someone from the team had come in without us knowing.  When I got almost to the doorway, the whispering noise stopped.  We didn’t hear anything else after that.  I sat alone just inside the large doorway of that room while Cindy stayed in the last room.  From time to time, I could see tall faint shadows moving across the opposite end of the room from me.  It almost looked like someone pacing back and forth.  

     We got a number of EVPs from both investigations.  There is most definitely paranormal activity surrounding the Titanic exhibit.  If you think about it, it’s heartbreaking!  Three of the sensitives agreed that a number of them were passengers or crew who feel that it’s their “duty” to protect the artifacts.  It’s been almost a hundred years!!!  When Cindy and I were almost done with our session, I felt the need to address anyone who was there with us directly.  No one else had ever investigated the Titanic exhibit and chances are, no one ever will again.  We told them they had done an amazing job of protecting the items, but that it was time for them to cross over and be with their loved ones who were waiting for them.  We told them how long it had been since the sinking of the Titanic.  I wish I knew if they had heard me and crossed over.  I’ll never know.  

Those two nights of investigating will always be two of the most special nights of my life for so many reasons.  As a Paranormal Investigator and as a “Titanic buff”.  I’m sure I’ll have many more interesting investigations, but nothing will ever compare to those two on so many personal and professional levels!! 

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