If you are interested in becoming a member of SPIA, we are accepting applications, but please understand that we will not bring any new members into our team until we have a need to.  When you submit your application, our Board of Directors will review it and determine if you would be a good fit for our team.  When membership is open, we will select the needed members based on our assessment of applications submitted.  If you are interested in joining, please DO NOT leave a comment here.  Email us at SthrnParanormal@aol.com.

SPIA is a serious research group, designed to help further the understanding of paranormal phenomena and to help clients who are experiencing unexplained and potentially frightening phenomena.  If you are interested in being considered for membership, please read the following requirements for membership and follow the steps accordingly.

~ Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta will not, under any circumstances, accept any person under the age of 21 as a member.

~  SPIA will not accept anyone who is currently a member of another investigation team.

~ SPIA members are expected to make efforts to attend as many investigations, meetings, and other group sponsored events, as well as to be available and financially able to get to investigations.

~ SPIA does not advocate the use of divination, Ouija boards, or ceremonial magic of any sort during investigations.

~ SPIA members are expected to abide by the rules and guidelines put in place by the Board of Trustees, this includes a dress code, the signing of several legally binding contracts (put in place to protect the privacy of our clients), etc.

~ SPIA members may find themselves in threatening, dangerous, and even potentially fatal situations on investigations. Members are required to sign a waiver that releases SPIA and our clients from any responsibility for injury.

~ All applicants are subject to a background check.

If after reading reading these guidelines you are still interested in joining our group, please contact us at sthrnparanormal@aol.com to request an application.