Founder/Director/Board of Directors/Lead Investigator

Karen Fon has lived her life in the Atlanta area, most of  that spent in the Roswell.  She now resides in Woodstock.

Karen had her first paranormal experience at the age of eight when she saw a full body apparition and has continued to have experiences throughout her life.  Her interest with the paranormal started out as more of a hobby, but developed into a lifelong interest, as well as a passion/goal to do research and to understand.  She turned to investigating to find the answers she sought all her life, as well as to help others seeking the same answers.  While very much a believer in the paranormal, she approaches each case as a skeptic, trying first to find natural explanations before jumping to paranormal conclusions.  It is her hope that one day the paranormal field will be recognized as part of the scientific field.

She spent a brief period of time in another Atlanta area paranormal investigation group.  In 2009, she realized the best way to reach her goal and further her general knowledge in paranormal research, as well as to help others, was to found and direct her own paranormal team.  Therefore, she started Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta.

One of her most incredible experiences as an investigator has been investigating the Titanic exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium twice.  That combined two of her lifelong passions!

She also enjoys photography, interior design, is passionate about animal rescue and enjoys outdoor activities with friends and family.




Board Of Directors/Case Manager/Investigator

Cindy is married to Keith Smith (Investigator in Training) and the mother of 3 children. Together they have a “blended” family of 6 children and 1 granddaughter. She is originally from New Jersey, but has called Georgia home since 1991. Cindy’s interest in paranormal research has grown through the years. It started when she was very young after her grandmother passed away. As her mother worked late at night, Cindy and her younger brother would feel their grandmothers presence sitting in her rocking chair “hear” her grandmother “cough” and rock back and forth. Since then she has wanted to learn what happens to our loved ones after they pass on. Cindy has a natural eagerness to help others. Her main reason for wanting to join Southern Paranormal Investigations of Atlanta is the teams sincere desire to help their clients understand what is going on around them.



Board Of Directors/Investigator/Assistant Tech Manager

Jeff was born in Wichita Kansas.

He has been very interested in the paranormal for a long time now.  He had issues in a house he grew up in.  From the family being touched as well as unexplained noises etc..

He spent eight years in the United States Air Force.  He currently work for a major airline as a flight simulator technician.

His passion is photography.  He has been studying and practicing for years and finally thinks he has it down!!


Jenny Stewart


Jennifer (Jenny) Stewart was born in Georgia but has lived the last 32 years in Woodstock, Ga., currently with her fiancee, son, dog, and a gerbil.  For the last ten years she has worked as a nurse in an internal medicine office that she loves!  Her interests include: travel, learning new things, anything paranormal, anything history, and now starting to learn gardening/home diy.
As a child her interest in the paranormal began with the house she grew up in being on Indian grounds.  As she got older, she had paranormal experiences that included full body apparitions and unexplained phenomenon.  Growing up with a religious background with the love of science and/or figuring out unexplained things she grew more interested in paranormal.  Jenny is also a huge history buff.  She hopes (since she has been there) to be able to help the SPIA team help those having experiences that many times are unexplained.




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Investigator In Training

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Investigator in training

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Investigator in training

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