As it states in the glossary, EVP stands for Electronic Voice
Phenomenon. This is a disembodied voice or sound that is caught on a recording at the time of the investigation. The vast majority of the time, IF an EVP is caught it is something that was not heard during the investigation but heard when you are going over your audio evidence afterward. It may be a voice or sounds such as knocks, footsteps, etc. You never know. Having a basic history of the home or property, past and present, is useful. Knowing the types of events the client has experienced is also helpful in knowing what kinds of questions we may want to ask.
A Few Helpful Tips:

-When stating, always note the date, time, location and what room you’re in.

– It’s very important during an EVP session to NEVER whisper to
anyone, even yourself. Always speak clearly and in a normal voice so that we may discern our own voices from anything paranormal.

– If you hear a “natural noise” such as a car passing, air conditioning
coming on, etc. make note of it in your recorder.

– If you make a loud noise by movement, coughing, etc. make note of that too.

– Always give time between your questions. You want to ask a
question and wait approximately 10-15 seconds before asking another or after someone else has asked a question. IF there is a spirit responding that cannot be heard, you want to give them time to answer.

– Always introduce yourself at the beginning of the session. “Ask

– Keep it natural. Speak as you would if talking to a friend.

– While we do want to ask questions and keep chit chat to a minimum, one thing I like to do is make it somewhat of a three way conversation. In theory, there are at least 3 conscious minds in the room. Have a conversation with your partner/teammates about things you’d like the spirit to respond to. For example, while I was doing an investigation at a local newspaper that was in a converted home that was over 150 years old, one of the other said, “Do you want us to leave?” and there was a response of, “No, stay here.”

Think of it this way… Imagine you’re in a waiting room, and two
people you don’t know are having a conversation. They seem very
friendly, they seem interested in what you have to say and are trying
to involve you in their conversation. Who would YOU rather talk to,
them or the two people that are JUST barking at you? While we do
want to ask questions, we don’t want to seem as though we’re
interrogating the spirits.

– Often times, a spirit is not aware of the fact they are dead. So you
always want to speak in present tense.


RARELY do we provoke!!! This can be dangerous. Do not directly
insult them!  Be reverent!

Is there anyone here who would like to speak with us?
What is your name?
My name is Karen. Can you say my name?
How old are you?
What year were you born?
Where were you born?
What is your occupation?
Is there anything in particular that you would like us to know?
Where do you live?

Do you know who we are?
Do you know why we’re here?
How do you feel about us being here?
Are you here alone?
If not, who is with you?
Can you make a sound or knock to show us you’re here and where you
Can you touch one of us?
Do you know what the date today is?
Do you know what year it is?
Who is the President of the United States?
Can we talk with you again another time?
How many people are in this room?
How many people, including us, are in this room?
Assure them that we’re not there to make them leave

Is this your home?
How long have you been here?
Are you here all the time?
Why are you here?
What is your favorite room in the house?
Is there anyone else here with you?
If so, what are their names?
Are you happy with the people that are living here now?
Do you like the changes they have made to the home?

It may be a good idea to keep these questions in a notebook to take
with you on investigations until you are familiar with the kinds of
questions to ask.