The investigation process begins as soon as you contact SPIA.  Your email will come directly to the Director’s inbox.  We will then contact you for a consultation.  Consultations, like the rest of the process, are free of charge and strictly confidential!  It will not be discussed outside of SPIA team members.
After the consultation, if it is determined that an on-site investigation is needed, we will work with you to establish a date and time that best suits you.  

* All investigations are done free of charge!
* We typically conduct investigations on Friday and Saturday nights.  In an emergency situation, we could investigate on a weeknight.
* If it is an emergency, we can respond within 48 hours.
* We have several forms that are required to be signed before we can proceed with an investigation upon our arrival.  These are for our protection as well as yours.
*  Duration of an investigation: Typically 2-6 hours.
* Set Up Time: 30-45 minutes.
* Evidence review time: Approximately 1 week.  Then a final report must be complied based on investigators individual reports.
* We investigate at night with the lights out – not to be creepy – but so we may use infrared video and cameras to catch evidence.
* We may need to turn off your A/C or heat to cut down on noise for EVP sessions.
* We prefer to investigate with as few people as possible in the home or business.  This is to create a controlled environment to avoid contaminating evidence.  Certain cases may require affected family members or employees to be present, but generally we prefer an empty location.

* PLEASE NOTE: We always want at least one member of the household or business to be present  somewhere at the location with us for your and our peace of mind!

* Upon completion of the report, we will contact you to establish a time to go over what we have learned regarding your case. If it is determined that a second investigation is needed, we will establish an appropriate time for that to take place.

We do NOT consider a case “closed” until you feel satisfied and safe.  We will continue to stay in touch with you and work with you until you are completely comfortable with the results of our investigation!  One of our team members can also preform a blessing on your home or place of business of requested.